Chvrches | Full Set | Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2014 | PitchforkTV

The entire Chvrches set from Pitchfork Music Festival Paris.
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  1. CHVRCHES make me feel like a free teen again, standing up on a car with my arms out, feeling free.

  2. Man, CHVRCHES are so overhated. Sure they may not be profound, but I don't think that matters, they make such beautiful and sonically bombastic, potent music.

  3. I used to like this band though now I hate them because it's not cool to keep swearing the F word at every gig, they need to grow up & act like professionals.

  4. That is a terrific SHOW. Lauren's outfit is not so great this time! ! !😀💪☝…Sorry, I forget, it's Halloween.

  5. We sink started it all for me. Will never forget winning D1 on FIFA 14 and going back to the menus and hearing that banger

  6. Tengo poco que conoci el grupo… enero exactamente y pues woo
    2019… lo mejor que me a dado a sido conocer la música de Chvrches! Y este concierto lo ame! Me hace conocer mas su primer álbum 💀😎

  7. Watched it twice and enjoyed it both times and I bet if I watch it again, same. 👀😋🌞🌚🌎🤘🏻✌🏻️

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