1. Why couldn't you have let the original base drop for summertime sadness, after the line "Got that summertime, summertime sadness oh, owaho….." Beat drops. Super fricken disappointed not to hear the original part for that song live…

  2. He has certainly captured my attention, imagination, and intrigue. It is class music I watched some of the participants, they are really enjoying. I wanted to hear a change of beat so I stuck to listening Well done Nice. There were many thousands in this show. Many seem high but then it could be the effect of the music. The blitz of lights and surrounding is exceptionally good. But in small quantity, it became boring listening. At first, It sounds great, I wanted to hear more but the zeal and zest faded rapidly. I then realized this is for me in very small doses only. great if you are into this sort of music Enjoy.

  3. Dude! You`re coming to Electric Castle! Why the f**k you`re not on the main stage?! I just don`t understand the organizers. Anyway, you`re my favourite, and yes, too underrated! Can`t wait to see you live!

  4. just had the extreme epic night for New Years Eve 2017 Orlando Gilt nightclub! Cedric was our DJ for the night! I flew there from Atlanta just to be there and take in his killer mixes! Was crazy awesomness!

    Sábado 23 de Julio. MEDELLIN.
    Lugar: Fahrenheit. Hasta las 6:00am.
    Tickets: $75.000 Precio de lanzamiento.
    ★ What'sApp: 3147062843 ★

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