Brandi Carlile At The 2017 Boston Calling Music Festival (Full Set)

May 27, 2017 – (Full Set) Brandi Carlile performs live on the Green Stage, Day 2, Boston Calling Music Festival held on Harvard University’s athletic fields in Allston, MA.

The Things I Regret 0:45
Raise Hell 5:46
The Eye 11:52
Wherever is Your Heart 17:15
Mainstream Kid 22:10
The Mother 27:27
The Story 33:57
Pride and Joy 38:20

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Video Credits:
Greg Shea – Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Bill Winn – Recorded & Mixed by
Joe Tooley – Record Engineer
Jess Barnthouse – Camera
Dylan Connor – Camera
Sean Shore – Camera
Hannah Bates – Camera
Mike Kligerman – Camera
Hannah Bates – Camera

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  1. Discovered her couple years ago at Milwaukee summer fest found out those two brothers are twins I think 18 years with her but they caught my attention at one point WOW another great band from the streets of Seattle ben turning other people on to them witch isn't hard to do!!?

  2. Brandi is my new musical poet person obsession! I only discovered her through Joni Joni Mitchells' performance at the last Newport folk festival. Such amazing talent ! Where have I been?!!!!!

  3. It’s March 2022 and I’ve been listening to Brandi Carlile for so long I don’t remember when I wasn’t listening to her music. Over the years she has changed some of her music styles. But what hasn’t ever changed is her passion and her remarkable voice. She is a Treasure.

  4. I have Stephen Colbert to thank for introducing me to Brandi Carlisle quite recently. I live in the UK, that's my excuse.
    First live concert footage I have seen and the whole band put in a fantastic show.
    Great audience too.

  5. Only now discovering the brilliance and talent of Brandi Carlile & all that she stand for & who she stands for. Just got her book Broken Horses … can't wait to read it! I absolutely love her! ❤

  6. Folks, please don't shun this woman for sexuality reasons. PLEASE! Lean back, listen and enjoy Brandi and Twins. RIP roarin rock, ballads, and blues I can't get enough. Love you Brandi !💔

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