boy pablo – "Feeling Lonely" at Verftet Online Music Festival

Feeling Lonely live at @Verftet Online Music Festival!

this track is available on all streaming services.

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  1. 100% Wii……1,000,000% vibes 1,000,000,000% my fave people on earth

    Literally the best thing to be created

    I love u guys so much ❤️

  2. Me: hey guys I’m bored with life let’s start a band together
    BFFs: idk bout that man, but what will our songs be about?
    Me: *sighs you know that one crush
    BFFs: *sighs that one huh…..?
    BFFs: sure why not
    BFFs: pats me on the back don’t worry bud we’ll help you find another

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