1. Morgan is obviously a beast, but for non drummers out there, I can actually almost play this song as accurately as I can make out, which can't be said for most of their other tracks. That could be a style thing though, in comparison I've been learning Talking Heads for most of pandemic and I'm only just above 90% completion now lol… He is just unreal. And if you didn't realise he won young percussionist of the year a while ago, absolutely phenomenal talent.

    Basically this sounds rly impressive and it is, but this is relatively tepid compared to the outrageous feats he's laid down elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. a noise/posthc/experimental band can only ever be as good as their drummer…and Morgan is a fucking ripper.

  3. Difícil fazer outra coisa e n prestar atenção na performance ao vivo desses moleques! Extremamente criativos e um baterista genial e técnico! Eles ainda vão longe! (isso q pela manhã estava curtindo Zeppelin ao vivo na BBC) Mas Black Midi tbem é espetacular!

  4. Most pretentious cack I've heard for years, utterly dreadful racket. The only "musician" up there is the drummer, which is a crazy thing to admit but true 😂

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