1. Morgan is obviously a beast, but for non drummers out there, I can actually almost play this song as accurately as I can make out, which can't be said for most of their other tracks. That could be a style thing though, in comparison I've been learning Talking Heads for most of pandemic and I'm only just above 90% completion now lol… He is just unreal. And if you didn't realise he won young percussionist of the year a while ago, absolutely phenomenal talent.

    Basically this sounds rly impressive and it is, but this is relatively tepid compared to the outrageous feats he's laid down elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Difícil fazer outra coisa e n prestar atenção na performance ao vivo desses moleques! Extremamente criativos e um baterista genial e técnico! Eles ainda vão longe! (isso q pela manhã estava curtindo Zeppelin ao vivo na BBC) Mas Black Midi tbem é espetacular!

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