black midi – “Ducter” | Pitchfork Music Festival 2019

black midi perform “Ducter” live in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival 2019.

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  1. A find there music very annoying yet very amazing a can’t figure it out if a like it or not but keep listen lol

  2. This is the most motivating and triumphant sounding song I've ever heard.


  3. Music isn't bad. Weird and disjointed, but, @1:21watching the girl in the green top dance is worth watching this video a couple times.

  4. How to great people like this come together to create things like this?
    This band kills, and the dummer is absolutely massive

  5. The memes are gonna get wild once we win the pandemic and Black Country, New Road starts playing the P4K Festival

  6. 特に激しい曲でも無いのにこんだけ乗れるって、相当リズム隊が良いんやろな

  7. It's very hard to write a song
    that's simple yet catchy at the sametime.
    This song has simple guitar notes with a complex drum pattern but the song writing is unique at the sametime which makes there occasional "simple note" usage very interesting.

  8. 1:20 the bassist fucks up the tempo because of the crazy unexpected drum fill and the guitarist side eyes him. Nice recovery

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