Being a Gecko at a Music Festival (Bonnaroo)

I went to the bonnaroo music and arts festival in Tennessee to talk to people as a gecko. Some of the people are on drugs and some are not. Everyone looked like they were having a nice time. I think this is one of the most fun one of these I’ve done. Let me know if you like it. Thanks. I am a gecko

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  1. Yo panflute guy from Lexington, KY. I'm from lex too. I got hella shrooms. Reply to this and we can link up n trip. I wanna hear more about that dimension travelling shit.

  2. As a six year Bonnaroo vet that didn't get to go this year, this makes me really miss the Farm. You will meet the absolute best, kindest, and most interesting people in the world and have the greatest conversations, and you will also meet the worst festival wooks/molly zombies who will treat you like crap and take you for all your worth before you even know what's happened. It truly is a one of a kind place.

  3. i fking hate drunk people lmao. do the other drugs people. its a better time, and better conversation.

  4. This happened right next to my campsite. I wanted to see some of these interviews when I walked by but herbi Hancocks set was about to start

  5. I'll always recommend Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, he got the best herbal medicine to cure herpes permanently

  6. I was there the first day he started talking to people it was in a little barn and it was packed me and my girlfriend had to watch him outside through a window it was hilarious tho he talk to a girl who was there when harambe was killed

  7. Lyle,love you man! You should do a live one in Canada and try and get Narduar to join you on the street! Also please come to the UK,but not London,London sucks ass,come to Oxford or somewhere in the North of England instead,love you!

  8. found your channel few days ago and became a fan. thank you bro this is amazing concept and content. Keep up with the goodwork your a great gecko!!!

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