Astroworld Festival tragedy: What we know about the victims

The investigation into the deadly Astroworld music festival is intensifying after at least eight people died. CBS national correspondent Lilia Luciano breaks down the tragedy and discusses the aftermath of the tragic event.

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  1. Scott is not the one arranging the concert he just preformed at the festival.. the only one to blame is the ones that arranged the astroworld festival and the one hiring the security team…
    The security company has definitely not done a good job planning this concert.. when you attend a concert or festival it's more then one company responsible for the arrangement, and for it all to be safe that is the security teams responsibility.. Not Travis Scott? Ofcourse he can make sure himself that the security is good enough and so should we but I will believe he trusted the one's inviting him to perform at astroworld festival just as everyone going to the place having a ticket or not and that astroworld is professional enough to handle it.. but thay clearly didn't πŸ™„

  2. I feel like only responsible people should hold live events. If someone who doesn't know how to handle a situation like this or doesn't care, they should not be holding events like this.

  3. If anyone who came here would’ve researched what his concerts are like they would’ve known not to bring a kid there either. The whole thing is just preventable deaths that weren’t even attempted to be prevented.

  4. The numbers are definitely a lie and what caused all the people ro fall out with no heart beat? Im sry but I seen enough video to see something was stopping their heart! And then trampled ! Lots of info missing 4 sure! Listen to the security guards stories. Was there a jabbawalkie tent for free tickets? Heard that somewhere to! D.e.w

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