ASTROWORLD 2019: Thousands attend Travis Scott's music festival

ASTROWORLD 2019: Fans take away many memories as this year’s festival comes to an end.


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  1. This a ritual ,open your eyes, look at his shirt ,the pigeon on fire ,the entrence,he last song .Wake up

  2. I dont understand how you can go on with a festival after hundreds of people storm the gates. Then do it again the next festival. The security risk in that alone is terrifying. No one was checked for weapons. Bombs, mass shooting and over crowding all become major risk now and have already happened and killed numerous people at concerts. And if what they are saying is a true, a madman with a syringe of fent running around injecting security guards? Yall never found that guy but when on with the show. All of that happened earlier in the day too and still yall decided it was a good idea to keep going.

  3. Its funny how people are willing to risk their lives and freedom for someone as garbage as travis scott๐Ÿ’€

  4. They probably where sufficiently staffed! The problem was they where prepared to control a crowd of humans not a stampede of animals

  5. Don't forget that when people were needing help Travis started to make the crowd jump and move around when emergency vehicles were trying to get to the people who needed help. And yes people died at this concert because he did that. He's not so great as you think.

  6. Something similar happened in Germany (Loveparade) and guess what? They canceled the event permanently!!!!!

  7. take the promoters to court charge them with "negligent homicide". after 2019 they should have known better in 2021.

  8. Entitled brat kids with no discipline is what causes this. Sad situation, but can't be surprised when we see footage of uncontrolled people stampeding to see Travis.

  9. Nothing but ignorant fools, I hope that concert is worth more than ya'll lives and second who da heck bring an 10 yr old there smh

  10. Travis Scott is so overrated not even funny, the fact that poeple are this excited to see him that they have to charge in like that is embarrassing. How many of these people ran in trampling people and just either didn't care or didn't even realize… There shouldn't be anymore astroworld concerts ever again

  11. Wow, itโ€™s makes it that much more sad knowing this happened in the past and they didnโ€™t stop it from happening again. I donโ€™t think one person is to blame per se but this event needs to be shut down and those in charge need to hold some responsibility.

  12. They didnโ€™t plan in 19 and now in 21 people have died because of how bad the promoters planned. All to cut costs etc.

  13. So same thing happened a year ago and they took no extra precautions to prevent this ?? Dumbstruck! My sympathies to the families who lost loved ones ..โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ™

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