8 Dead And Several Injured At Travis Scott's Astroworld Music Festival

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  1. this is what trip me out the breakfast club always take up for these rapper's carelessness ass bull crap killing stealing murdering drugs wild 'crowds and deaths Travis Scott had a twitter email that said sneak the wild one's in, but he deleted it Charlemagne and these guys do not care for those 10 victims these people are part of the problem just as much as Travis Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dude SOLD his SOUL to the DEVIL. If you LEAVE your MORALS, VALUES and COMPROMISE too much (make a practice out of it) to get MONEY, FAME, or POWER. When you DON’T CARE about DESTROYING OTHERS for FINANCIAL GAIN. you have Essentially SOLD YOUR SOUL. Satan uses GREED and LUST as his Main TOOLS. [This explains why musicians who make music that’s innocent, decent, music that has no nudity or strong language are barely seen on TV or are played on the radio. Instead big record labels market those that sing about Violence, Sex, drugs, and other various things God is against. I used to think selling your soul means you now worship The Devil and do all that blood ritual stuff and sacrifice one of your loved ones. Of course to some people that’s how they go through it, but that’s not always the case. Selling your soul means you are no Longer yourself. You let go of your morals and values]

  3. Hopefully Travis is held accountable. If any of the rest of us were responsible for killing 10 people we'd be in jail for life, not to mention he was already charged TWICE for inciting riots at two separate concerts. The youngest victim in this tragedy was just 9 years old. Travis needs to do jail time sorry not sorry

  4. These lawsuits need to happen, not because there were people being crushed, but rather because there were people being crushed and the organizers and Travis saw this and did nothing.

  5. @CTG, I know that you know whenever you go to court, the first thing the Judge looks at, is your priors. You basically get sentenced based on your priors….peace ❤️🙏

  6. Hip-Hop hasn't done shit with mosh pits and Rock is still very much alive. Stop it.
    They ain't killing each other tho.
    Someone falls or is hurt, they help and pick ppl up so they won't get trampled.
    Maybe he should tone that down for awhile.

  7. Travis Scott knew people were passing out, he sang a song while a body was getting carried out, cancel him forever, stop promoting this ignorant POS.

  8. How is Travis going to say I’m sending out prayers. Who you praying to bro? Everything about the show was wrong. I just hope the younger generation opens their eyes and see what these rappers are talking about.

  9. Meanwhile Charlemagne please pray for little Ezra who is currently fighting for his life in the ICU! But no wait Charlemagne has to defend the madness to position himself in the Illuminati! Who the next unsuspecting sacrifice I wonder? 🤔

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