1. The song suits the voices of main vocalists Jihyo and Nayeon. If they had made a song like this the title track of Twice, I think Twice's singing reputation would have been more different.

  2. when i listen to the actual ariana grande version of this song i'm always like 'wait what about chaeyoung's rap verse' ……. it's a mental disease

  3. the way people underestimate chaeyoung as a rapper because she's from twice that's simply seen as a "cute girly" group… she wrote a korean rap verse in a english song that isn't meant to have rap at all but somehow managed to blend it in so well

  4. I thought chae will rap in english but this is ok and i like how momo sweet voice blend in the song

  5. When I first heard the original song, I thought it sounded like TWICE, then I read in the wikipedia article that they performed it in this festival, so here I am enjoying BLESSED CONTENT.

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