2017 KBS가요대축제 Music Festival – 세븐틴 – Intro+울고 싶지 않아 (Intro+Don't Wanna Cry). 20171229

세븐틴 – Intro+울고 싶지 않아 (Intro+Don’t Wanna Cry)


  1. これ生で見れた人ってどんだけ前世で得積んだの!!!!????


  2. Cuando creo que ya no puedo encontrar presentaciones de seventeen que me gusten más aparece otra y otra

  3. 근데 지금봐도 정한이 파트가 진짜 없다……
    울싶않에서 파트가 두번밖에 없어

  4. i came here after watching junhui's piano performance for falling flower 🥺🥺 i'm gonna cry they've come so far

  5. 와 이버전 음원 있으면 진심 맨날 들을텐데..준이 피아노부분부터 걍 레전드찍었네

  6. I’m watching this again and can I say my boy jun did amazing playing the piano like he’s so talented 🥰 all the boys did amazing tho 🥺

  7. What a good live performance of DWC. Woozi is so pretty. They sound so good and the arrangement. Seventeen always make people who stan them proud.

  8. Hi, I'm new to K-Pop world.

    Well, not really, maybe being a fan or stanning idols.

    But why are people sleeping on this version? It's so beautiful.

    (I'm 3 years late. 🙃🙂🙃)

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