Below are the lineups from the Free Range Music Festival. Find Free Range Music Series events here!

The 2013 Free Range Music Festival featured performances by:

O’Death (NYC/Maine), Gordon Bok (Camden, ME), Josephine Foster (Spain), Ava Luna (Brooklyn, NY), Anders and Kendall (VT & NY), Samara Lubelski (NYC), P.G. Six (NYC, NY), Waylon Speed (Burlington, VT), Marissa Nadler (Boston, MA), Olas (Portland, ME), CSC Funk (Brooklyn, NY), Blind Owl Band (Saranac lake, NY), Jack Grelle (St Louis, MO), Ghost of Paul Revere (Portland, ME), Edith & Bennett (Waldo County, ME), Leapling (Brooklyn, NY), Alhan Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (Maine), Burst & Bloom Family Revue (Portsmouth, NH), Herbcraft (Maine), Endless Jags (Portland, ME), Assembly of Light Choir (Providence, RI), Mount Sharp (Brooklyn, NY), Leaves Leaves (Portland, ME), The Hips (Midcoast, ME), Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies (Portland, ME), Blue Northern (Midcoast, ME), Spires that in the Sunset Rise (Chicago, IL), Chamberlain (Bangor, ME), Mister Moon (Swanville & Palermo, Maine), Ethan Andrews (Belfast, ME), Video Nasties (Portland, ME), Hammer of Hathor (Unity, ME), Tremolino (Waldo County, ME), Clio & Chloe (Midcoast, ME).

The 2013 festival kick off party took place on Friday, April 26 and featured The Blind Owl Band (Saranac Lake, NY) and our favorite comedy troupe Her Majesty’s Cabaret (Bangor, ME).

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The 2012 Free Range Music Festival Featured Performances by:

The Anders Parker Cloud Badge (Burlington, VT), the What Cheer? Brigade (Providence, RI), Callers (Brooklyn, NY), Arborea (Lewiston, ME), Sharron Kraus (England) with Glenn Jones (Cambridge, MA), Kath Bloom (New Hampshire), Shell Shag (Brooklyn, NY), The Black Swans (Columbus, OH), MV & EE (Vermont), Curious Mystery (Seattle, WA), The Bill Barnes Trio (Hope, ME), Spirit Family Reunion (Brooklyn, NY), Lonesome Shack (Seattle, WA), Mother Popcorn (San Francisco, CA), Bunwinkies (East Hampton & Turner Falls, MA), Butcher Boy (Portland, ME), The Coloradas (Portland and Waldo County, ME), The End Times Spasm Band (Fort Wayne, IN), AWAAS (Portland, ME), Coke Weed (Bar Harbor, ME), The Colin Langenus Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY), the Sun Parade (Northampton, MA), When Particles Collide (Bangor, ME), Prisma (Montville, ME), Alice Limoges (Rockport, ME), The Living Daylight (Brooksville, ME), Gypsy Caravan (Midcoast Area, ME), The Rugged (Jackson, ME), Meteora (Friendship and Lincolnville, ME), and Timbered Lake (Blue Hill, ME).

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The 2011 festival featured performances by:

Michael Hurley, Grass Widow, Jonny Corndawg, Brenda, Audrey Ryan, Time Crisis, Toughcats, Big Blood, Jacob Augustine, Gawler Family Band, Sunset Hearts,  Broken Water, Murcielago, Mehuman Trio, The Rattlesnakes, Marie Stella, The Milkman’s Union, CatchaVibe, Ancestral Diet, Dead Man’s Clothes, The 220s, Press Gang, Full Contact Kitty, Tit City, Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, Asa Irons, Cave Bears, VoXX, In Houses in Trees

Mango Floss and Vistas performed at the sponsored afterparty.

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The Jazz Mandolin Project, David Wax Museum, Brown Bird, Tiger Saw, The Free Seedlings, David Dodson, Mary Ann Driscoll, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Travis Lloyd Band, Wesley Hartley and the Traveling Trees, The Fofers, Luna Madidus, South China, Lazarus, Unbunny, Shawn Mercer and the Boondock Blues Band, Uke of Spaces, Cinder Conk, Good Kids Sprouting Horns, Gully, Caethua, Travis Cyr and the Strings of Calamity, Class Machine, Mahdi Army Orkestars, Calvin and the Free Will Agents, Rural Electric

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